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Coolest winter non-toxic nail polish colors

Non-toxic polishes exclude all the bad stuff found in most polish formulas, and with winter approaching it’s important to take care of our health. Even something as little as switching to a healthier polish formula can help make sure your body is the healthiest it can be. And with holidays around the corner, it has us thinking about cozying up to a cup of cocoa, warm, fuzzy sweaters and all the festive colors we will be wearing. So in that light, we wanted to share some of our favorite festive non-toxic nail polish colors that will brighten your mood this winter!

List of winter non-toxic nail polish colors

Non-toxic Nail Polish No.41-Midnight Blue

With crisp dry air and cooler temperature people will try for more dark and striking colors that are endlessly cool and will look great against contrasted warm fuzzy sweaters. We recommend No 41, which is a midnight blue. When you wear a majestic shade of blue throughout the winter, you feel more prepared for any unexpected change of weather.


Non-toxic Nail Polish S.01-Rose Gold

As the festivities of holidays draw close, people will be looking to add a little sparkle to their winter outfits. A timeless rose-gold is always chic and when the weather is gloomy outside an added shimmer can give you a feeling of warmth and energy in your day.

Non-toxic Nail Polish No.20-Deep Aubergine

People will always be drawn to darker colors during winter and for those that want to avoid black, a deep aubergine is a great alternative because it creates a rich contrast with one’s skin tone and also gives you a mysterious yet regal look that can be paired with a casual or formal occasion.


Non-toxic Nail Polish No.13-Bright Red

This is such a high energy red that makes us feel confident and fearless, even in winter! As 2020 has not been easy on us, we’re all looking for little ways to uplift our mood. A mandarin red is a perfect color to get us through 2020 and celebrate ourselves for getting through it all. Our Cherry Orange No.13 is a great example of a bright, statement-making red shade.